Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tiffany and her broken leg

Pat, who had her chicken Tiffany’s broken leg set by a helpful veterinarian, reported on Tiffany’s progress this week. The veterinarian removed the cast July 17 and the bone was fully healed. However, Tiffany was unable to extend her leg completely and put her weight on it. Pat consulted with her physical therapist. She suggested using a product called Theraputty to help Tiffany extend her leg correctly. Pat also made a sling and helped Tiffany exercise. She sent the following report onTuesday:

“Today (July 29) when I came home from work and checked how Tiffany was doing in her little coop and little yard, I saw that she was standing with her left (injured) leg on three toes. This is the first time she has set the leg down enough to have front three toes touching the ground. The outer two are a little tentative but are resting on the ground.

"She is still giving a hop or a skip to go forward, after she rests weight on the left leg. It is very similar to us favoring one ankle or foot and not putting full weight on it before we bring our other one forward.

“I have been leaving Tiffany out in the small coop, which is addition to my pole barn. She can go out into a 5 X 5 fenced in area next to the big outdoor run the other chickens have. I rotate a couple of other Buff Orpington pullets in with her so she has company and also allies when she is finally released into the flock.”

Tiffany will go back to the veterinarian for an assessment on Thursday. Pat will keep us posted.

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