Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Denizli Long Crowers

Denizli Long Crowers are indeed a rare breed. Reputed to crow as long as 25 or 30 seconds, they are a specialized interest for those who are in circumstances that can foster development of their talents. They are recognized national birds in Turkey, where the Directory of Province Agricultural Affairs selects breeding roosters. Burak Sansal, a tour guide in the area, has information about them on his site,

Steve Slates in Lexington, Kentucky,, has a rooster and three hens of this breed, extremely rare in the U.S. He likes them very much for their friendly disposition, good health and good laying. However, the rooster has never developed the long crow he was hoping for. Steve has a background with canaries, which benefit from other birds as tutors to learn to sing well. He suspects that, lacking other long crowing roosters, his bird simply hasn’t had a good example to follow.

He’s open to selling or trading this group of birds to someone who may be able to help this rooster reach his potential as a crower and a representative of his breed. Any takers?


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Interesting birds! I never knew there were so many chicken breeds out there! I hope he has luck producing birds that will crow longer. I wouldn't want my roosters to crow that long though!

PoultryBookstore said...

It's certainly a special talent! My neighbors would not appreciate it.