Sunday, January 6, 2008

California Classic Poultry Show

Kim Jorgensen was one of the exhibitors who brought nearly 900 birds to the Gold Coast Fanciers California Classic Poultry Show in Hollister January 5 & 6. Here she shows her Blue Araucana pullet, her White Crested Black Polish cockerel and her Blue Silkie cockerel.
Despite the fierce storms that battered California the day before and blew through Saturday night, participants enjoyed a busy show. Organizers said that entries were down about 300 birds from 2007, which they attributed to the upcoming Stockton show the following weekend, January 12 & 13.
Many rare and historic breeds were on display, including Large Fowl such as a large class of Shamos and some Malays and Aseels, Naked Necks, Sumatras, a nice group of Sicilian Buttercups, many Minorcas, Australorps and Wyandottes. Bantams were plentiful, with lots of attractive Games, Wyandottes, Black Dutch and Rosecombs. Ducks were well represented by Harleqauins, Rouens, Pekins and lots of Runners and Calls. Several geese, including an impressive African male, several Sebastopols and an Eqyptian. A pair of Bourbon Red turkeys attracted much positive comment.
Judge Gary Agajanian and two Canadian colleagues enjoyed their duties. Larry Stallings brought one of the two Buff Chantecler roosters he rescued recently. He'd hoped they were a pair, but no such luck. So he is looking for some Buff hens. All Chantecler girls welcome!
Thanks to everyone for a great show. More tomorrow.

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