Friday, December 21, 2007

California Classic Poultry Show

Gold Coast Feather Fanciers are sponsoring the California Classic Poultry Show January 5 and 6 in Hollister. I'll be there with a table for SPPA, under the SPPA banner.

The 2008 Critical List of old and rare breeds will be available. It includes large fowl chickens, bantams, waterfowl and turkeys. The list focuses on both breeds that are in danger of disappearing and varieties within breeds that have become rare.

Bantam varieties of large fowl are not included. only true bantams, for which no large fowl correlate exists, are included, such as the Dutch, Nankin, Rosecomb, Sebright and Silkie.

Contact John Monaco, 1600 Maple Ave., San Martin, CA 95046, (408) 779-2383,,, for the show catalog.

The Show page on my site is now updated -- some glitch from the Web hosting company made it difficult for a while, but that is now resolved. Check it out for upcoming shows, and contact me with information to post about any that are not included.

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