Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SPPA Members Win at Ohio National

At the center of this picture from the inside of the Voinovich Building, where nearly 4,400 birds were exhibited, a young turkey owner is catching his fly-away bird, an attractive Slate Turkey.
John Thomforde judged SPPA member birds for the National Meet held at the show. Winners were Mari Krebs, Best Rare Fowl for her Steinbacher Geese, Jim Parker, Reserve Rare Fowl for his Red Dorking Bantam, and SPPA Second Vice President Mary Ann Harley, Award of Excellence for her Nankins. Her Nankins also won the Nankin Club award for Best of Breed, Reserve of Breed, Best Rosecomb, Best Single Comb, Best Rosecomb Trio, Best Single Comb Trio, Best Rosecomb Display and Best Single Comb Display. Charlie Casper was awarded a $10 prize for Best Orloff.

The Steinbacher Geese are exhibited in Mrs. Krebs’ name, but the birds are a family project in which their three sons, Eike, Bjorn and Lars, are involved.

Mr. Krebs has observed that most people are unfamiliar with how to cook goose, so he is collecting recipes that will be published in the Bulletin and compiled for future publication. Educating the public is important to creating markets for poultry that requires different cooking techniques. Send your recipes via the comment section below.

Three birds belonging to SPPA member Don Schrider showed off on Champion Row: His Light Brown Leghorn rooster was Champion Mediterranean, Light Brown Leghorn pullet was Reserve Champion Mediterranean, and his Buckeye rooster was Reserve Champion American. Don is communications director for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

“I was pleased to see a Buckeye return to champion row after many years of absence,” said Mr. Russell.

SPPA First Vice President Monte Bowen traveled to the show with one of his 4-H students Layne Richert and his mother Connie. Exhibiting birds at shows and competing in showmanship classes gives youngsters invaluable experience.

Layne won best of breed among juniors for his White Plymouth Rock Bantam cockerel and best of breed in the open class for his large fowl La Fleche pullet.

“The work he has done over the last few years was recognized in these wins,” said Mr. Bowen. “There were a lot of nice birds there that showed a lot of care and work from the junior members.”


Annarie said...

Gosh, I've been looking for Steinbacher geese for my farm for two years now and have even considered importing them. I must find this Mari Krebs!

Mari Krebs said...

Hello Annarie,
I just came across this blog spot and happen to see your comment regarding our Steinbacher Geese. We have stock available for 2009. If you still want to purchase a pair of Blue Steinbacher Fighting Geese, let us know. Sorry for the delay, we did not even know, that there was an inquiry.

Mari Krebs at steinbachers4ever@yahoo.com

PS.: We have Grey Steinbachers too, but there are not available to the public yet.