Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ohio National results

Teresa Kirk, left, wore her fried egg beret at the show. Sarah Awkland's chicken hat features flapping wings, operated with a string. They are from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania and personified yhre spirit of fun and good fellowship that prevailed at the show. Thanks for being such a colorful addition, Teresa and Sarah!

Below are the show results:

Large Fowl
American Class: White Rock: Tom Corey
Asiatic Class: Black Langshan: D&H Poultry
English Class: Buff Orpington: Doug Akers
Mediterranean Class: S.C Light Brown Leghorn: Don Schrider
Continental Class: White Crested Black Polish: Joel Henning
AOSB: Black Sumatra Wade Lefeber
Modern Game: Birchen: Robert Carothers
Old English: Brown Red: Terry Hogeback
SCCL: Barred Rock: Walt Reichert
RCCL: Silver Laced Wyandotte: Sugar Hill Poultry
AOCCL: White Crested Black Polish: Jan Brett
Feather Leg: White Silkie: Michele Burns
Heavy Rouen: Darrel Sheraw
Medium Cayuga: Wild Plum Waterfowl
Light: White Runner: Tanis Poultry
Bantam: White Call: Charley Hodum
Heavy Toulouse: Travis Birdsell
Medium: American Buff: Prairie Song Poultry
Light: Brown China: Tanis Poultry
Champion Large Fowl
S.C.Light Brown Leghorn: Don Schrider
Res. Champion Large Fowl
Black Sumatra: Wade Lefeber
Champion Bantam
White Call: Charley Hodum
Res. Champion
White Crested Black Polish: Joel Henning
Champion Goose
Toulouse: Travis Birdsell
Res. Champion Goose
White Embden: Bernd Krebs
Champion Duck
White Call: Charley Hodum
Res. Champion Duck
White Runner: Tanis Poultry
Super Grand Champion
White Call: Charley Hodum
Res. Super Grand Champion:
White Crested Black Polish: Joel Henning

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