Monday, June 11, 2007

National Animal Identification System

The Christian Legal Society,, is taking on the USDA's National Animal Identification System, starting with Wisconsin's Premises Registration law. Wisconsin accepted nearly $2 million to be a pilot project for the first step in implementing the federal NAIS. Its mandatory premises registration law went into effect May 1.

Farmers and ranchers have many objections to NAIS, which you can read about at and other sites. CLS will attack the Premises Registration law as an infringement on the free exercise of religion, specifically for the Amish. Steven H. Aden reported in a meeting last week that young Amish farmers are being denied milk licenses and are therefore unable to start new farms unless they agree to register their premises. Since they feel doing so violates their religion, they are stymied and their way of life is threatened.

Mr. Aden also plans to litigate the Premises Registration law on grounds that it violates the public's rights of privacy, due process and equal protection.

The CLS is forming an organization of like-minded people to oppose Wisconsin's law, Free Wisconsin Pastures. The membership application is at the end of this blog entry. If that doesn't work for you, post a comment or email me and I will send it to you as an electronic file.

Membership is free. If you are opposed to NAIS, please join. This is an important fight which we can win.

Wisconsin Mandatory Premises ID/Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture’s attempts to impose mandatory premises identification and registration on its citizens.

This system is part of a proposed nationwide system called the “National Animal Identification System,” or “NAIS.” The US Dept. of Agriculture has drafted a Strategic Plan that defines a three-phase program for uniform NAIS:

First, premises ID of every home/farm keeping even one livestock animal;

Second, individual animal ID (RFID or microchipping for many/most species); and

Third, animal tracking (reporting of all animal movements/changes in status).

The USDA says that the federal program is “voluntary.” But USDA is using state departments of agriculture like Wisconsin’s to impose the program either through state rulemaking procedures or by data-mining other state livestock programs to place farmers into NAIS premises registration without the farmers’ knowledge or consent. Also, USDA continues to claim it has the authority to make NAIS mandatory if it needs to. Also, it is promoting a system where nearly everyone is forced to “volunteer” because premises ID or animal ID will be required by sale barns, livestock shows, 4-H and FFA events, etc.

Wisconsin has determined to take the lead in being the first state to implement the NAIS system. It became the first state to make premises registration mandatory in 2004, and now has threatened diary producers with non-renewal of their licenses if they do not register their properties.

Free Wisconsin Pastures is a Wisconsin non-profit membership organization. Its purpose is to fight government attempts to force participation in registration systems for farms and livestock against farmers’ devout religious and personal beliefs, and in violation of their fundamental rights under the Wisconsin and Untied States Constitutions. It will accomplish this purpose by research, education, communication and, if necessary, respectful legal action to ensure that the State of Wisconsin respects the deeply held religious and personal beliefs of its traditional religious communities and citizens against government bureaucratization of the historic and community-based customs and practices of agrarian life.

If you have any questions about mandatory premises ID or would like more information about Free Wisconsin Pastures, please return the information request form below or contact the Center for Law & Religious Freedom, 8001 Braddock Rd., Suite 300, Springfield, VA 22151, Tel. (703) 642-1070 x3510. Thank you.

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Please send me information about the mandatory premises ID/registration system and Free Wisconsin Pastures.
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I agree with and support the purposes of Free Wisconsin Pastures. Please accept my application for membership.
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Dar said...

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has come out against NAIS.

There is some evidence of health risks of RFID implants.

Animal tagging might be testing for human tagging, such as the Huckabee tagging of non-citizens. (Or, as some fear, citizens, too.)

And the upcoming cautionary SF movie Dreamcity includes chips in humans, only those are much more advanced.