Thursday, June 14, 2007

Buff Chantecler

Chanteclers are gaining popularity. And with it, their partisans are seeking APA recognition of an additional color variety
The breed was developed in the early 20th century by a Canadian monk, as a Canadian national chicken. The breed is known for its hardiness in cold weather and ability to lay through the winter months. They are easy-going and smart. At 8.5 lbs. for a cock and 6.5 lbs. for a hen, they are large birds suitable for the table.
"My buffs are of good size and coloring, feather out rapidly, and are ideally suited for cold weather," said Mike Gilbert of Holmen, Wisconsin, a member of the Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities. “They are also good layers of medium to large brown eggs.”
Mr. Gilbert's Buff rooster, shown above, has been praised at every show where it has been exhibited. However, because the color variety is not recognized, the bird can not be judged outside its breed category. This remarkable bird has inspired Mr. Gilbert to seek APA recognition for the Buff color.
"My daughter named him "Doofus" because he is so mild-mannered, and we're seeing this same docile temperament in most of his offspring,” said Mr. Gilbert. “We can easily pick him up anywhere."
The original White variety was recognized in 1921, followed by the Partridge variety in 1935. Although never recognized, the Buff and Black lines have been part of the breed’s history.
APA recognition requires that birds of the variety seeking recognition be shown at least twice each year for two years, not fewer than two each pullets, cockerels, hens and cocks. Judges then submit their opinions on the variety and a qualifying meet is held. At least 50 birds, from no fewer than five owners who have raised the birds for at least five years, must be shown. The judges make their determination on, among other qualities, the similarity of the birds to each other, establishing the color variety.
Mr. Gilbert is eager to organize Chantecler fanciers to meet the APA requirements and include Buff Chanteclers in the Standard. The Chantecler Club of North America existed at one time, but attempts to reach its organizers have gone unanswered.
Chantecler lovers, unite! Contact Mr. Gilbert through his Web site,, or e-mail him directly at: Join SPPA by sending $15 to Dr. Charles Everett, Tulip Grove, 1057 Nick Watts Rd., Lugoff, SC 29078 or by credit card through
"This line of Buff Chanteclers shows well, and they have all the attributes of a quality dual purpose production fowl,” said Mr. Gilbert. “We will need an active Breed Club promoting all three varieties (white, partridge, buff) to have any hope of gaining A.P.A. standard recognition for the buffs. We invite dedicated fanciers to step forward to help with this project."

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Jason Myers-Benner said...

Thanks for the rare information on an intriguing bird, a batch of which I am about to order from Ideal Poultry for a trial as a pastured range pen bird (dual purpose). Any comments on the quality of Ideal's buffs or their experiment with Red Chanteclers would be welcome.