Thursday, March 1, 2007

Greater California Poultry Show

The Greater California Poultry Show certainly lived up to its name! The one-day show at the Fresno Fair Grounds attracted lots of excellent quality birds, many rare and historic breeds. The Red Shouldered Yokohama drew a lot of comments, and one young enthusiast proudly showed me the young bird he bought. He was very proud of that beautiful bird.

My books arrived in time to go to the show, where people were excited to see them. We sold all we had with us, but can supply more through the web site.

The pictures attracted lots of attention. Everyone wanted to see a picture of their favorite breeds. I am always eager to acquire more photographs, so please contact me if you have photos of your birds that you would like to share.

Backyard Poultry magazine and Poultry Enthusiast magazine have been generous with SPPA, donating magazines that we can give away in return for a donation to SPPA. It’s a great way to get people acquainted with both the organization and these new publications.

Several people joined SPPA, including one who signed on as a Life Member! This is the best. Life Members are the continuing core of SPPA membership. My personal Welcome to all who joined at the show. We look forward to a great future.

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