Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fresno show

This Saturday, February 24, is the Greater California Show at the Fresno County Fair Grounds in Fresno, California. We will be there, with at least one copy of the book. Word from the publisher is that the first shipment of books has arrived in the warehouse, so I hope to have a sufficient supply to sell soon.

We plan to invite someone who has birds in the Sale area to display the birds on our table. At the Pacific Poultry Breeders Club show in Stockton last month, one of the women at the table next to ours bought some birds and had them caged behind the table. The Buff Orpington rooster she bought was too large for any of her cages, so she set him in a large cardboard box.

He was quite content there, and so attractive that we asked if she would be willing to let him set on the table in his box. His star quality immediately attracted the attention of every passerby.

His color reminded her of the television advertising star, Morris the Cat, so she named him Morris.

Even at a poultry show with birds on display less than 20 feet away, having a live bird at the table was irresistible.

We also plan to attend the meeting of the Central Coast Feather Fanciers on Wednesday, February 21 in Templeton. Jay Horn, also known as the Songbird of Central California, is a member of CCFF as well as SPPA. I understood why he is called the Songbird when he sang Happy Birthday to one of the young participants in Stockton. His voice triumphed far beyond all of us ordinary well-wishers!

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