Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bantams touch the heart

Bantams come in dozens of colorful varieties. Choose more than one favorite. Lewis Wright, writing in his 1890 Illustrated Book of Poultry about bantams reflects in language of a different time about advantages that still apply today:

Modern Game bantams
“Many a lady, tired of having nothing to pet but a tom-cat, has wondered longingly whether she might not keep a few fowls; but looking at her garden with regretful eyes, has decided that half of it would be needed, and that she could not spare that; when the happy thought has crossed her mind, “Why not keep Bantams?” A little space – just that strip which can so easily be spared – will content them; and as to crowing, who in the world would mind the voice of a little fellow no bigger than a pigeon? She is made happy; and even the tom-cat, ousted at first from his olden place, but who has provided for him a never-ending subject of interest in the perpetually intense speculation as to the possibility of some peculiarly tiny chicken coming some day through to the wrong side of the wire – even he is made happy too. Decidedly, Bantams have their place in the world.”

Old English Game bantams

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