Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My girls

The girls came out of their run to help me with digging some leaf litter into the soil. They enjoy their work!
 The bantam Sumatras found some greenery to work over.
 Ms. Wyandotte had to get into a planter. She's very bossy.
 Lady Fanny is a Speckled Sussex. She is a senior hen with excellent mothering abilities.
 Pixie is my Peruvian basket hen. She's about the same size as the Sumatras, but her feathers have a purple sheen, while their glisten iridescent green.
 This sweet Ancona is so lovely. Her comb reflects her condition. While she was going through her molt, it was small and shriveled. Now that she is recovering and getting ready to lay again, it is a nice red color and getting bigger. When her comb first started growing, my husband was certain she must be a rooster. he had never seen such a big comb on a hen.
 Blondie, my rosecomb Dorking, the princess of our flock. My personal favorite, but don't tell the other girls.
A Cuckoo Marans. I look forward to her dark brown eggs again soon. Maybe next week.

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