Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pullet eggs

The new pullets are starting to lay. This year Pixie, the Peruvian Basket chicken, joined the flock in March. The Welsummers and Marans hatched at the end of May.
Marans pullet
Tiny pullet egg
This might be from one of the Welsummers. The Peruvian Basket chicken hatched from a white egg, so I expect her to lay white eggs, too.
Brown spotted egg
Initially, I thought this might be from one of the Marans, but after finding the unusual egg below this morning, I think it may be from one of the Welsummers.
This one is almost purple!
A truly unusual egg. I don't have a trap nest, so I'm not able to be certain yet who is laying what. None of the mature hens is laying right now. They are taking their fall rest.

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