Monday, June 9, 2014

Incan Basket cockerels

Three of the South American chicks I hatched in the incubator earlier this year turned out to be males. Since I live in town and can't have a rooster, they will have to move.

Kermit Blackwood, who sent me the eggs, is happy to have them back for his flock. Raisin, their father, was killed by a raccoon shortly after these eggs, so Kermit needs a new rooster. These all have different qualities:

Raven has a tail and a coat of many colors. He's beautiful, especially in the sun, where his plumage glistens purple, green and orange.

Ebony is truly a collonca, tailless. He also has brilliant plumage and a bright disposition. He and Raven alredy often square off for a fight, ruffs of feathers fluffed around their necks.

Star was the first chick to hatch, from a different mother, who laid blue eggs. I hoped he would be a hen to give me blue eggs, but it was not to be. He was a leader from the start, not only because of his size. However, he's less inclined to fight than the other two.

They are moving to Kermit's New Hampshire farm. I look forward to watching their progress in years to come. I'll sure miss them, though.

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