Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Raven's tail

This chick has a nice tail which she often holds at a jaunty angle.
 She is now seven weeks old.

 Her tail is quite elaborate. She is more assertive than her tailless sister, although those two attributes are not connected. It's just a personality difference.
 Her comb is straight and well fleshed out. She has a few golden brown feathers in her breast, like her sister. She also has small muffs, feathers on the side of her face.

Her posture is rather regal. She has a feathery crest, more than her tailless sister. These four birds are all very different.

Regretfully, I found out today that Raven is a young rooster. Kermit Blackwood, who sent me the eggs, is willing to take him back. He's a beautiful bird, glistening with purple, orange, blue and green highlights.

I hope he's the only male in the group.

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