Saturday, July 13, 2013

APA 2013 Yearbook

The American Poultry Association's 2013 Yearbook gets better every year. The officers are committed to making it a useful document of poultry information,a s well as a history of the preceding year. As the keepers of the poultry flame for exhibition, they are the guiding light for standard breeds.

The volume contains all the official documents and history: The Constitution and By-Laws, lists of members, profiles of the poultry luminaries honored Hundreds of advertisers has stepped up. The ads alone are a fascinating resources for birds and supplies of every kind. Modern publishing techniques allow color printing, which adds a lot to the beauty and clarity of the printed page. It's a reminder that advertising can be a significant source of information.

Dave Anderson was the leading force in putting the volume together. He invited me to contribute an article, which is about the APA's Heritage Breeds Committee. The committee is working toward accreditation for inspectors to certify flocks with regard to meeting the Standard. With the increase interest in local foods, this could help consumers choose Standard breeds for the table. That kind of economic value will bring Standard breeds back to integrated farms and make Standard bred poultry a meaningful part of the market.

Thanks, Dave and all the APA officers for providing this exceptional resource for poultry owners.

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