Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Poultry art

Chris Jones is a poultry artist in Wiltshire, England. His beautiful work is welcome.As standard breeds become more popular, their owners also want to see them featured in art.

He's had a lifelong interest in wildlife, which he also paints beautifully.  Chickens came to him about ten years ago, "after painting a few and enjoying it immensely," he wrote in an email.
"I was quite ignorant of all the breeds though, until I saw Richard Green-Armytage's book 'Extraordinary Chickens' which I am sure you will know. Those photos so inspired me that I went to the National Poultry Show later that year and immediately 'got the bug' to paint nothing but chickens."

His Ancona rooster.
 Light Sussex
 Out of the egg, a wealth of breeds

Partridge Wyandottes

He currently keeps a small flock of mixed bantams, which give him eggs as well as serving as subjects of his portraits. He favors pure breeds, or crosses that are visually interesting to his artist's eye. Currently included are a Black/red Yokohama, known in England as a Phoenix, partridge wyandotte and a black silkie x pekin, an English term for a dwarf cochin.

Thanks for your work, Chris!

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