Monday, March 11, 2013

Locally Laid

Locally Laid is a family egg operation near Duluth, Minnesota. Jason and Lucie Amundsen decided 200 miles was too far for eggs to travel, which they discovered was the closest egg farm. They took up the challenge and started their own. They now have about 5,000 hens. It's been dark and cold in Minnesota, and laying is way down, but production is gradually resuming as the days grow longer.
They are supplying grocery stores and local eateries and institutions in their area. How refreshing that St. Luke's Hospital buys their eggs! They are paying attention to their patients' nutritional needs as well as tempting their faded appetites.

Lucie is a graduate student in writing, so she's articulate in describing the family's experiences. Check out her blog.

This kind of family-sized poultry operation is an important step toward sustainable local food systems. Every customer who buys eggs from Locally Laid is one less for the industrial battery cage system.

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