Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A job working with waterfowl

Metzer Farms has a job for a waterfowl person:

We are large enough that we need someone that can take on some farm-wide responsibilities. We have from ten to eighteen employees, depending on the season.
Though I have two excellent supervisors with Leo in the hatchery and Guillermo for the breeders, there are projects and responsibilities that are not being done now. I need to spend more time on those things an owner needs to do: increase sales, look for areas of expansion, monitor potential regulations, etc.

A General Manager will take on some of the day-to-day responsibilities I have and do others that are not now being done. Metzer Farms will be a stronger, faster growing company with an excellent General Manager.

Responsibilities include:
Plan the schedule and numbers of replacement duck and goose breeders required each year
   and forecast egg production
Enhance and maintain the record keeping of the breeders: genetics, egg production, mortality, etc.
Improve the show quality of our ducks and geese through selection and the purchase of quality
   breeding stock
Closely monitor the production and availability of ducklings and goslings for our customers
Improve fertility of goose breeders
Monitor the health of the birds through necropsy, vaccinations and general observation
Monitor the weights of replacement and molted duck and goose breeders
Conduct trials and experiments on the farm and in the hatchery with the goal of improving production
   of ducklings and goslings
Explore more profitable uses of manure generated on the farm
Monitor the welfare of all the birds on the farm
Monitor inventory and conditioning of flighted Mallards
Enhance bio-security on the farm
Monitor sanitation in the hatchery
Become involved in California Quality Assurance Program
Help be on call to monitor incubators and hatchers during off work hours
Produce simple videos of activities on the farm for our website
Help write blogs
Work with customers to coordinate the dates and required paperwork for international orders
"Where else can you work with 25 breeds of ducks and geese..... and get paid?!" says John Metzer.

In addition to salary and health insurance, the job comes with a house: "newly remodeled, two bedrooms with a deck and beautiful view over our valley (and some of our geese)."

I'm confident there's a great poultry person out there for this job. 

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