Thursday, August 30, 2012

Locally Laid Eggs

From the Duluth News Tribune:  Duluth egg consumers have a new product on the shelves.

Jason Amundsen liked his flock of five chickens, which he and his wife kept in their Duluth backyard. The eggs were delicious.
So, he thought, why not get a few more — about 1,795 more — raise them in the fresh air and sunshine, give them clean feed and good grass, and let all of Duluth have a good egg for breakfast?
And why not try to make a living selling good eggs under a memorable name?
Locally Laid eggs are now for sale at a few retail locations around Duluth, as well as at several restaurants. Amundsen spends his days caring for his flock of friendly chickens, each one named Lucie (also the name of Amundsen’s wife and business partner), and hoping that customers will pay a little extra for a good egg.

Read the rest of the story and visit the web site and Facebook page.

Locally Laid was brought to my attention by Jordan Wiklund, my editor at Voyageur Press. Jason and Lucie Amundson are friends of his, and he attends classes at  Hamline University in St. Paul with Lucie. He and Lucie formerly wrote for now-defunct Living North magazine.

Thanks for shining light on this encouraging new enterprise, Jordan!

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