Friday, May 4, 2012

Chicken: The Movie

Kermit Blackwood is seeking funding for his chicken documentary on Kickstarter. I serve on the film's advisory committee.  He's got a great script and the film will contribute to public knowledge of chickens. Support this through Kickstarter!

Chicken the Movie will be the first feature length, educational documentary on the surprising and critical relationship between humans and chickens. Our film will explore the evolution and ecology of the chicken’s wild ancestors, such as this Green Junglefowl; the history of agriculture, civilization, human migration; the surprising diversity of non-edible products that include chicken; developments in cooking and food production, poultry genetics, immunology and the chicken’s role in pop culture.

Chicken the Movie asks: How did this iconic animal become the most populous and recognizable bird species on the planet and what is the future of the chicken? This documentary will survey the surprising and multi-faceted origins of domestic chickens and will investigate new developments in agricultural stewardship, which promise to ensure the health and well being of this critical species. By educating people through this documentary we hope to contribute to this effort, recognizing that this sacred animal and those who work with it are largely responsible for nourishing our burgeoning human population.
Please join us on our epic journey around the globe with this misunderstood livestock species and beloved backyard companion: the chicken.
The “Fine Print”
Chicken the Movie began the development phase in the spring of 2011 operating through a registered LLC by the same name registered in the State of Colorado. Executive Producer and Co-Director, Kermit Blackwood, has assembled an outstanding team of professionals to ensure the project's success, including the co-directorship of critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker and producer, Nick De Pencier. Other collaborators include leading biologists and paleobiologists, cultural historians, poultry industry leaders, humanitarians and a star studded line-up of chicken enthusiasts.

Project development reached all milestones in December 2011: project framework is completed including timelines, production schedule, travel annex, team recruitment and budgets; scientific research has begun; an advisory committee is in place and includes poultry experts, scientists, conservationists, indigenous counsel and business advisors. A seat is available for each sponsor who makes a significant contribution to the fiscal health of the project. Sponsors will be kept informed via email news flashes and conference calls.  You too, are invited to table.

Bridge funding ($35,000) is sought to ensure the project team can move forward with the required science, research and team development over the next eight weeks to pre-production scheduled for July 15, 2012 and into full production by August 15, 2012. We thank you in advance for your support. Without you, the story of the past, present and future of the chicken and its wild ancestors could not be told. Likewise, our efforts to educate people about conservation and innovation regarding the most important livestock species on earth depend upon your support. Thank you!

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Kermit said...

Hi-thanks for this nice article! While our kickstarter initiative failed we've been funded by corporate sponsors. Thank you for your interest!