Monday, April 30, 2012

Young Birder's Guide

This is one of the Peterson Field Guides, a new entry in the Young Birder's Guides, this one covering Birds of North America. A book for all mainland locations!

This book is so easy to use, consider it for adults as well. Range maps are included on the page with the bird description, a real convenience. Flipping back and forth to find the range is annoying in the field.

In addition to color photos, each bird gets a drawing, in typical poses or behavior. Very helpful in pointing out identifying characteristics to look for. The WOW facts add to the color of the various species and broaden the appeal. Bill Thompson and his kids have scoured denser descriptions for kernels such as Acorn Woodpeckers saving as many as 20,000 acorns in a single sycamore tree, which survived! Who Knew Great Horned Owls are the only predators that eat skunks?

It has less detail than other guides, which also makes it smaller and easier to carry. This one is a definite keeper. Other guides are great for filling in details, but this will go in my pocket for quick reference and identification.

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