Friday, December 30, 2011

ALBC looking for a new Executive Director

ALBC is circulating this notice. Know anyone who fits the description?

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
has partnered with Alford Group Executive Search to find its next Executive Director. Based on our knowledge about your role in the not-for-profit sector, we wanted to make you aware of this exciting opportunity and ask that you help us identify candidates that would be energized by leading this organization.

The Executive Director, while retaining internal management and oversight responsibilities, is expected to serve as the primary external face of the organization to its various constituencies. The Board desires a candidate who will lead the organization from its current position, bring strong financial expertise, and build on further organizational growth as defined by the current vision and a collaboratively developed strategic plan.

The Executive Director role at ALBC will provide an experienced and successful leader with the opportunity to oversee a well-regarded and unique conservation organization that is making a substantial societal impact as part of the larger movement toward local, sustainable agriculture in the United States that promotes genetic diversity. Reporting to and working closely with a highly-engaged Board of Directors, the Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the organization, including vision-setting and strategic planning, fund development, staff management, finances, programs and membership. The selection process will focus on past leadership success in similar organizations and a demonstrated passion for, and full commitment to advocating the mission of The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Please click on the Opportunity Guide for more information.

Founded in 1977, The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is the only not-for-profit membership organization in the U.S. working to conserve rare breeds and genetic diversity in livestock. These breeds are threatened because agriculture has changed. Industrial food production now favors the use of a few highly specialized breeds selected for maximum output in a controlled environment. Many traditional livestock breeds have lost popularity and are threatened by extinction. These traditional breeds are an essential part of the American agricultural inheritance, and the loss of these breeds would impoverish agriculture. Thus, ALBC is working to conserve them through programs which include research on breed population size, distribution and genetic health; research on breed characteristics; gene banks to preserve genetic material from endangered breeds; rescues of threatened populations; education about genetic diversity and the role of livestock in sustainable agriculture; and technical support to a network of breeders, breed associations, and farmers.

All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply online with their cover letter and resume at Inquiries will be held in strict confidence. Questions regarding the position may be addressed via email only to Kathryn Sime at

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Heather Eddy, CFRE
President and COO

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