Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New pullets!

Two new pullets joined my flock yesterday! A Speckled Sussex and a Partridge Rock, four months old, hatched in February. They are adorable, like leggy young teenagers. We introduced them to our current two girls, the White Dorking we hatched last June and the Buttercup we acquired from friend Barbara Bullock, last night before sunset.

We placed them in a cage inside the chicken house, where they could spend the evening and the early morning getting acquainted. We planned to separate them with a fence for a few more days, but these girls short-circuited that. They promptly flew to the top of the fence and over into the run with the grown-ups.

It's going well thus far. I put plenty of scratch along the run. The run gives them plenty of space to escape, when they need to. For now, everyone is settled down to scratching and packing.

I was excited to have the opportunity to acquire this Speckled Sussex from Larry Stallings, APA judge and local president of the Central Coast Feather Fanciers. She's a beauty -- I'll post pictures soon. This illustration was originally a free gift with Feathered World magazine back in 1912. It's reproduced in David Scrivener's Popular Poultry Breeds. From top left to right, it shows Brown, Light Speckled and Red varieties.

The illustration of Speckled Sussex was also included with your 1929 Feathered World magazine. The Sussex was developed from English flocks in that county in the late 19th century, recognized in the early 20th century as a distinct breed with four varieties.

Welcome to my flock!


Terry said...

Did you see the photos on my blog of the champion Speckled Sussex at the breeder I visited in England?
Huge, docile birds. Quite unlike my Speckled Sussex, who are the most curious and crazy of the bunch. I'll be interested to hear what personality your pullet has!

PoultryBookstore said...

Great pictures! This little girl is already showing me how sprightly and active she is. I'll keep you posted as to what she's like when she grows up, but right now, she's the active leader, curious and eager to be in the middle of the action.