Monday, April 25, 2011

New Standard!

My 2010 Standard of Perfection arrived! It's beautiful, reflects all the effort that went into it. This is the document you need to participate in exhibition poultry, or be knowledgeable on traditional breeds. Not every breed is recognized, but that's not a limitation. Breeds not currently included can be recognized, as several have been since the last Standard was published in 1998. Most recently, Black Copper Marans were recommended for inclusion and adopted last week.

This was a double challenge, because the Black Copper color has not previously been recognized in any breed. Marans are a French breed -- the silent final 's' is correct, even in the singluar -- with lightly feathered legs. They are known for their dark chocolate brown eggs. Eggs are classified into nine color categories, shown here. Hens must lay eggs of at least category 4 in order to meet the club standard. The proposed standard states that "Marans are best known for their large, russet brown eggs. This is a defining characteristic of the Marans breed, so selection for egg color and size should never be neglected."

The APA will publish the full Standard in its upcoming quarterly Newsletter.

Meeting all the requirements to be accepted by the APA was championed by Dick Dickerson, vice president of the Marans Chicken Club. He will join me Tuesday, April 26 on Andy Schneider's Chicken Whisperer radio program to discuss Marans and their journey to APA recognition.

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