Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rare poultry available now!

A reader in East Texas, outside Texarkana, has some unusual historic breeds available for placement in good homes. His work is taking him out of the country later this year. They need a new home – or homes – by October. Sooner is better than later. He can help transport them on his half-ton truck, but needs crates for them. One person can take all, or choose what you like.

Contact him via email at pwatkins@valornet.com or phone at 903-838-6298 to work out arrangements.

His collection includes chickens and ducks:

White Rosecomb Dorkings (including white & almost white):approximately 10 hens, 1 pure white rooster, 1 almost white rooster & 1 single comb rooster described below.
Other Dorking hens: 3 dark brown, 1 almost black & 2 white single combs
Crevecoeurs: 1 rooster (good size), 2 hens (small)
White Houdans: 2 white rooster (good size), 2 white w/ few black feathers (good size), 1 hen (small)
Spangled Russian Orloff: 1 rooster, 2 hens
- Cuckoo: 1 rooster (feather leg), 4 hens
- Blue: 1 blue cuckoo rooster (feather leg), 1 blue cuckoo (clean leg), 4 hens
- Splash: 1 rooster (feather leg), 1 rooster (clean leg), 1 hen
Light Brahma: 1 rooster + 4 cockerels, approx 13 hens
Cochins: 1 blue rooster, 1 dark partridge hen, 1 blue hen, 1 splash hen
Cochin bantam: 4 black roosters
Silkies: 1 white rooster, 3 white hens, 1 black hen
1 Salmon Faverolle hen
Black Breasted Old English Game Bantam: 1 rooster, 4 hens
Saxony ducks: 3 drakes, 5 hens
Pekin ducks: 1 drake, 1 hen
Production Rouen ducks: 2 hens

Contact Paul directly, but I'd enjoy being kept in the loop to follow where these birds go.

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