Friday, April 30, 2010


Larry Harrison, permit administrator with the Fish and Wildlife Service, gave me this update on the Muscovy Duck regulations today:

"We have placed the following notice and the attached fact sheet on the Migratory Bird Management webpage ( regarding our reconsideration of our recent action related to muscovy ducks. If you have any questions after reading these materials, please contact Ms. Susan Lawrence at 703 358-2016.

CFR 21.54 - Muscovy Duck
The Muscovy Duck now occurs naturally in southern Texas, so it has been added to the list of birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (50 CFR 10.13). This species has been introduced in other areas throughout the U.S. where it is an exotic species, and it is widely raised in captivity for food. To control the spread of Muscovy Ducks in areas outside their natural range, the Service also published a Control Order (50 CFR 21.54) that allows control of feral Muscovy Ducks, their nests, and eggs in areas outside their natural range (50 CFR 21.54). Other regulations finalized at the same time as the listing and Control Order that restrict possession of Muscovy Ducks and require a permit to sell captive-bred Muscovy Ducks for food will not be administered at this time because the Service plans to revise those regulations in the near future. The full text of the Final Rule is posted here

Larry will attend the annual permit meeting in Oregon May 10-14, where Muscovy regulation is on the agenda. You can send your concerns to him at before May 9 so that he can bring them with him and present them at the meeting.

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