Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Therapy Chicken

Pat Foreman brought her therapy chicken, Oprah Henfrey, to a nursing home to bring some cheer to the residents. Pat gave her that name for her highly developed social skills, empathy and entertaining talent. She is a young Buff Chantecler pullet. She was a big success. These ladies enjoyed sharing her attentions. Clearly, they are chicken fanciers who instantly communicated with Oprah.

Some found Oprah enjoyed some back tickling.

This young man is catatonic and his response to Oprah was the most animated he had been for a long time.

Thanks for letting Oprah brighten these people's lives, Pat. And thanks for sharing the experience with us.


Emily said...

This is fantastic and it brightened my day.

PoultryBookstore said...

Thanks, Emily.

Cathi Bouzide said...

Hello Emily. How delightful.
As a recreation therapist, artist and urban hen keeper I obviously flap my wings in applause! Good for you woman.

PoultryBookstore said...

Thanks, Cathi. Great artwork!

Sarah said...

Yay for chicken therapy! I love the hen's name, too cute!