Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Food

Owen Taylor is Training and Livestock Coordinator for Just Food, a New York City co-op whose mission is "to unite local farms and city residents of all economic backgrounds with fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown food."

Just Food has built three more coops in community gardens - all of which work with children. The chickens are doing great!

"It's a serious issue - it's no yolk," said Mayor Dave Cieslewicz of Madison, Wisconsin, when his city reversed its poultry ban in 2004. "Chickens are really bringing us together as a community. For too long they've been cooped up."

"Chicken has become the symbol, a mascot even, of the local food movement," Owen was quoted in an article about urban chicken keeping at World Watch Institute,

This photo of Abu Talib in the Bronx, at the one-acre farm he has tended for years, captures the affection between him and this hen.

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