Monday, September 7, 2009

Poultry Art delay

Carolyn Guske, who is working on poultry and other livestock art, was a victim of the Station Fire burning through Southern California.

"Our home burned to the ground," she wrote in an email. "We had a very short notice of the firestorm, but were able to get our animals and us out. I grabbed the computers, my six animal paintings, brushes paint and palette. Robert got three guitars (out of seven) and we got a change of clothes and our vehicles out. We were lucky to get out with our lives."

"We drove through fire, but we're OK. We're staying with my folks for now. This is what's left of our home."

Fortunately, she saved the six animal originals. However, all her prints and other original art were lost.

"I had 3,000 notecards and 100 Giclees lost. Robert lost about 200 paintings and 25 years of Medical Illustration work. I also lost all the original art I had at home and our extensive art library. We know it's just 'things,' and we will be fine, but it's sad and devastating."

My condolences, Carolyn. Keep me posted.

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