Monday, August 3, 2009

Learning about poultry

The increased interest in keeping chickens in the backyard has generated demand for information about how to keep birds. My books are a partial answer to that, and they certainly help, but there's nothing like a class to help you get started.

There's one coming up this weekend, August 8 in Denver. Kenzie Davison offers a two-hour class at the Denver Urban Homesteading: Local Market and Reskilling Center, 10 am. Register at

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Bob Davis' Chicken Keeping 101 classes will be repeated by popular demand October 31 and November 1, Meet at Room 159, Kilgore Hall, NC State University. Pre-registration not required.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Pam Karstens has been spreading the word in her City Chickens 101 classes for years. Her last class was in May and others will be scheduled in the future. If you are in the area, connect with the Mad City Chicken Coop Tour August 15, noon to 4 pm,, on the Calendar of Events.

Seattle, Washington's Tilth City Chickens 101 will be offered September 19 in the YOungstown Cultural Arts Center, They are very active and if you live there, check out the list of classes they offer.

In Warwick, New York, Mark and Barbara Laino give classes at their Midsummer Farm. Classes run six or seven times a year, and the Lainos coordinate the spring classes with the arrival of chicks, which they will also sell to eager prospective chicken raisers. $36 fee. They also offer a variety of other classes.

Where ever you live, there's probably someone offering a class to help you get started or improve your flock. Contact me for help if you have trouble finding a place. You can be the change you are seeking.

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