Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pullets Needed -- LA area

Dayna in the Los Angeles area contacted me for some laying pullets to join the now solitary one at her house. Dayna acquired two chicks, but when one turned out to be a rooster, he had to move out of her suburban neighborhood. Olive, who may be a Brahma/Ameraucana cross, is lonely without him. Their attachment to each other is obvious in this video posted by Dayna's husband Mark,
Chickens are flock birds and will seek companionship with other animals or people if there are no other chickens available. Like many birds, they imprint within days of hatching on the significant living critter around them. Since Olive spent her formative days with Yuba, the rooster, she is imprinted on chickens.
Dayna notes that Olive doesn't make the companionable clucking sounds she used to make to Yuba now that she is alone.
My friend Barbara Bullock, who wrote an article about her Buttercups in this month's Backyard Poultry,, offered a couple of her surplus pullets to keep Olive company. We'll see whether we can arrange transportation from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles for those girls and give Olive some company.
If any readers are in the area and have some pullets to spare, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Dayna.


Gardenmaster said...

I have seen pullets advertised for sale on CraigsList LA, in the Farm and Garden section. The location was either Lancaster or Palmdale, a bit of a drive but doable in an afternoon.


SPPA Leadership said...

Thanks, David. Good idea. I'll pass it along to her. A CCFF member has stepped forward with some Buttercup pullets, so we're seeing whether we can get them from the Central Coast to LA.

MT Mi Mi said...

I sell rare and endangered chickens as started birds, and I'm located in MT. Not driving distance, but I have some LOVELY birds available this year, if she wants to expand her little clutch. This year I have Blue Andalusians (one of which is very curious), RJF, Golden and Silver Phoenix, Cream Brabanters, SG Dorkings, Salmon Faverolle cockerels, and several varieties of OEG bantams, incl. a Lemon Blue, who's already showing pet characteristics at 7 wks.