Friday, January 16, 2009

Urban Chickens

All Things Considered on National Public Radio carried a story on Urban Chickens last week, City Folk Flock to Raise Small Livestock at Home,

Rachel Lewandowski of Caledonia, Wisconsin contacted me about the effort in her town to modify local ordinances to allow residents to keep chickens in their backyards. She and the other advocates have set up a Web site at

Keeping chickens in urban and suburban areas is no surprise to readers of this blog. These bantam Wyandottes were set out on the lawn to sell and exchange with members of Central Coast Feather Fanciers, our local poultry club here in California.
Traditional breeds are the best choice for backyard flocks. That's how they have developed, for their usefulness and beauty, and they continue to serve admirably in both those capacities.


James said...

"Urban Chickens" - yes, the movement is just getting started! My B's were the best addition to our home in the last 12 months. Many Seattle neighbors are starting their own flocks now. Keep Clucking :)

Christine said...

And your 'Bs' would be -- Brahmas? Barnevelders? Buckeyes? Buttercups?

James said...

My B's (birds) are 3 White Crested Black Polish and can be seen at