Monday, December 1, 2008


Andrea sent this picture of one of his Polverara chicks.

Andrea advises me not to draw any conclusions about the name 'Polish.' He documents crested hens for "many centuries" in Poland, according to an Italian reporter, Franco Holzer. Andrea considers it "more than possible" that the crested hens originally imported to England came from Poland. Crested birds were diffused in France, where they were likely crossed with the Polverara hen, resulting in the French crested breeds.
The old forms of the Polverara name were Padovana, Padoue and Padouans, a name they share with Polish.

This black Polverara rooster is another of Andrea's flock.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Thank you for the space you are giving to my Polverara!
If you need any info about italian breeds, let me know!
Many thanks, and all my best regards!