Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cooking Heritage Chickens in the Heartland

Frank Reese of Good Shepherd Farm in Lindsborg, Kansas,, has organized Cooking Heritage Chickens in the Heartland for Friday, February 15. Ten chefs will cook five different breeds in ten different ways.

They will cook Barred Rock, New Hampshire, Black Jersey Giant, Dark and White-Laced Red Cornish and Buckeye chickens, shown here.

I'm excited to be invited to attend. Molly O'Neill, New York Time food writer,, will attend, with two assistants. She is researching a new book, American Cookbook: Portrait of a Nation.

I'll also have an opportunity to visit Frank's farm. His turkeys are raised on pasture and protected by dogs. His is the first farm to receive Animal Welfare Institute’s Animal Welfare Approved certification.

I'll report on the event and post updates here.

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