Thursday, May 31, 2007

Book signing and Wisconsin poultry show

Friday June 1, 7 pm at the Village Booksmith in Baraboo, Wisconsin I will join Phil Hasheider, writer of "How to Raise Cattle," another volume in Voyageur Press' FFA Livestock Series,, to sign our books. It is part of Home Grown Culture: Farmers, Artists and Writers -- an Experiment in Cross-Fertilization, the Re-enchantment with Agriculture, Bring your friends!

On Saturday June 2, my husband and I will be at the Badger Poultry Club's 43rd Annual Show at the Fairgrounds in Richland Center, Wisconsin. It's a one-day show, including bantams, waterfowl and guineas as well as large fowl. In this picture, poultry judge Butch Gunderson demonstrates how judges spread wing feathers to examine them, on a patient Buff Orpington pullet.
Poultry shows are great places to meet other fanciers, ask questions, share experiences and find stock. You may have birds of your own to share. Take a couple of hours off and visit this show if you are within shouting distance.

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